Dynamant have the last couple of years been totally devoted to become the leading consultancy company in Sweden within Mainframe Services. We have now reached that target and the demand for our services are extremely high. Meanwhile our customers have asked us to offer Cyber Security Services as part of the Dynamant portfolio of services that originally was part of our sister company Everdon (divested 2019). So now we are launching Dynamant Security that will be specialised in IT-Forensics and advanced IT-Security solutions.

Our aim is to be a a trusted security partner aiding corporations in the most intricate and sensitive security matters, from investigating industrial espionage to handling rouge employees. We will employ consultants with extensive experience from the following areas; 

·       Internal investigations 

·       Information tracking 

·       Evidence collection 

·       Security Officer complement 

·       Technical Expert in international courts 

·       Technical Expert for developing international standards 

·       M&A Security management 

·       Complex Malware removal operations 

·       Counter Intelligence 

·       Negotiation Security countermeasures 

·       International Management and Board Security operations 

Our primary market will be Nordic companies and organizations, but the nature of our work is international and we will be able to travel with management and specialised teams all over European market securing our customers business and critical information.

If you are interested in joining us, please send me an e-mail (patrik.boman@dynamant.se) with your CV and an introduction letter.